Positive and Inclusive Research Culture

Researcher Development Commitment and Mission Statement

We are committed to the continuous development of postgraduate research students, academic, research and research-related staff at the University across all career stages.

We enable innovative and impactful enhancement of practice through access to high quality and flexible development opportunities that foster excellence and maximise potential.

We nurture a positive and inclusive research culture and environment where researchers take responsibility for the development of their personal and professional practice.

We actively embed a concern for equity, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing across the development activities we lead.

We celebrate and advocate for researchers’ recognition and achievements, whilst empowering them to cultivate the broader capabilities, values, attributes and mindsets needed to Thrive, Advance, Grow and Reflect.

Researcher Development Inclusivity Statement

The Academy is committed to providing an environment which recognises and values people's differences, capitalises on the strengths that those differences bring to the institution and supports all staff and students in maximising their potential to succeed. 

In line with the Academy's firm commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we offer all postgraduate research students, academic, research and research-related staff opportunities to develop and network irrespective of a researcher’s gender, ethnicity, age, self-identification, disability, religious affiliation, or any other criteria used to separate and define.

Download The Academy's Code of Conduct for events.

Research Culture

Research culture describes the environment in which research happens, and includes the norms in behaviours, expectations, attitudes and values of our research communities. At Liverpool, we acknowledge that our culture is not perfect, and we want to strive to continually improve it for the benefit of all our researchers; to foster a positive and inclusive research culture in which all researchers can flourish, achieve their full potential and benefit from the talents of all.

Where we mention ‘inclusive’ in relation to our Research Culture, this relates to the University’s Strategy 2026. In researcher development practice, we consider ‘inclusive’ to actively address characteristics that do not include all individuals equally. Our institutional Concordat Action Plan contains a set of ambitious actions that augment the research environment at Liverpool. These actions play an important role in the current and future of researcher development and support at Liverpool.

We continue to take every measure to include feedback from the researcher community across the University. For research staff, we do this via the Concordat Steering Group which is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Impact. The CSG reports to the Research and Impact Committee, and in turn, reports to Senate and Council.