Kumospace Guide

Kumospace is a virtual space to help facilitate engagement in an informal setting and that emulates sharing the same physical space as others. It allows multiple conversations to be held at the same time in a friendly virtual environment. Here you will find guidance on how to set up an account and get started with Kumospace.


Each room has a capacity of 30 people and we will have multiple rooms you can explore during the National Postdoc Conference 2021 (NPDC21) networking sessions. The NPDC21 Kumospace link is: https://www.kumospace.com/npdc21 

No need to download anything as Kumospace is all web browser-based. For the best experience, you need to use Kumospace from a computer rather than a mobile device. Kumospace works best on Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are new to Kumospace you can watch this short video before you join the networking session.

Steps to get an account

  1. Following a link to a shared Kumospace - you will see the welcome page.
  2. Click on “Sign in with email” to register and fill in the required details, which include your name, email and a password.
  3. Once registered/signed-in, you will be asked join the call! Click ‘Join’ and remember to allow your microphone and webcam access.

Once in Kumospace you may enter a room of your choosing and will then be given an avatar, which you may move around and engage in conversations.

Key functions

Upon entering the space, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the most important functions:

  • Move around using your mouse or the arrow keys
  • Move closer to others so that they are within your hearing range to chat with them
  • You can navigate easily by bringing up the map using the icon on the bottom right of your screen and by zooming in and out using the '+' and '-' in the top right of your screen
  • Camera and mic can be switched on and off using the icons on the bottom centre of the screen
  • To mute when someone enters/leaves the room you are in, go to your settings on Kumospace and untick this feature
  • Exit kumospace by moving near to the door and clicking the exit sign with your mouse
  • Any further questions you may have are probably answered in the FAQs at the top right of the screen
  • Please refer to the NPDC21 Kumospace Code of Conduct to ensure Kumospace is an enjoyable and inclusive environment for everyone in keeping with the University of Liverpool’s Positive and Inclusive Research Culture.

Download the guide

Download the Kumospace guide with images (PDF, 192KB). This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology.

Accessibility considerations 

Kumospace does not offer the facilities for blurring your background. It does offer live captioning. However, to add live captions to your video chat experience in Kumospace, you must be using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer. Go to Preferences in the Chrome drop-down menu and follow these instructions: Click on ‘Settings’; ‘Advanced’; ‘Accessibility’; then activate the setting for ‘Live Captions’. Once this is done, Chrome will display captions at the bottom of your screen.  

Did you know?...Liverpool is so culturally diverse, that according to 2016 statistics, over 51% of people in the city speak a language other than English at home. In fact, more than 60 languages are spoken in the city every single day!

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If you would like any of the information included in this area in a different format to aid accessibility please email researcher@liverpool.ac.uk. In order to include and cater to as many participants as possible during NPDC21, both the Keynote and Panel Discussion on Collaborative Research Practices will have speech to text live captioning. All other recorded sessions will include auto captions. Please visit our Supporting and Prioritising Accessibility and Inclusivity page for more information.