National Postdoc Conference 2021 Press Pack

On this page, we have provided materials to be downloaded and used to spread the word about the upcoming National Postdoc Conference 2021. Thank you for your support.

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Email signatures

NPDC email signature - save the date

Download: Email Signature - save the date: 800px x 188px (JPEG, 130KB)

NPDC email signature

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Branding Design Style

NPDC21 Branding - Design style small

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NPDC banner without University of Liverpool logo

NPDC banner 1000px x 355px without UoL logo

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NPDC badge without University of Liverpool logo

NPDC_585px x 390px without UoL logo

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NPDC badge with University of Liverpool logo

NPDC_717px x 717px web

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Document cover

NPDC21 Branding - document cover small

Download: Document Cover: 1446px x 2024px (JPEG, 192KB)

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If you would like any of the information included in this area in a different format to aid accessibility please email In order to include and cater to as many participants as possible during NPDC21, both the Keynote and Panel Discussion on Collaborative Research Practices will have speech to text live captioning. All other recorded sessions will include auto captions. Please visit our Supporting and Prioritising Accessibility and Inclusivity page for more information.