National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2022

The events outlined below provide researchers with a time for reflection and showcase the information and tools available to all Liverpool research staff to support their career development. As well as opportunities to virtually meet with peers and members of the Research Staff Association for further advice and guidance on the many resources available to the University’s research community.






NPAW 2022 events

All events are free to all interested postdocs.

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Event details


Tuesday 20 September

Tranquil Tuesday

30 minute wellbeing activities

Take time out for reflection to focus on your wellbeing with these short recorded sessions:

Meditation for relaxation

Desk yoga

Wednesday 21 September

Mid-contract career development check-in

Time: 10am-12pm

Watch this talk: 


Mid-contract Career Development resource doc

This 2 hour online-only information session will include bite-sized presentations that showcase the information, guidance and tools available to all Liverpool research staff to support and empower next steps by focusing on future goals and how to work towards them.


The Postdoc Toolbox

TIme: 10.30am

This national event will be taking place online. This session will provide insights into the ‘tools’ what may already be in Postdocs’ toolbox arsenal, and resources on how they could better equip themselves. Details can be found at  The Postdoc Toolbox :: UK Postdoc Appreciation Week (


Thursday 22 September

Virtual coffee meeting

Time: 10.30-11am

Join members of the Research Staff Association (RSA) committee and your fellow researchers for a virtual coffee and learn what welfare, support and information resources are available to the early career researcher community across the University. A zoom link will be sent out via the RSA weekly e-bulletin to which all postdoctoral and early career researchers at the University are automatically subscribed to upon commencement of their contracts.