National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2023

Running from 18th – 21st September 2023, National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW) is an opportunity to celebrate the invaluable contributions that postdoctoral researchers make to the University’s research excellence, impact, community and culture.

Show your appreciation for University of Liverpool postdocs

This year, we want to hear from all staff and students at the University - share your appreciation of the postdocs you work with by filling out this simple Appreciation Form. These appreciations will be shared with the postdoc community and across social media to highlight the value of postdocs to University life.

Click here to see the appreciations that staff and students shared for 2023.

NPAW 2023 Events

The events outlined below are offered to help researchers gain more knowledge and understanding of how to make the most of their time at Liverpool, as well as reflect on their strengths and career plans. Attending these events gives postdocs more ways to meet with peers and members of the Research Staff Association Steering Committee, both in-person and virtually, for further advice and guidance on the many resources available to the University’s research community.

Although these events have been curated to be of particular interest to postdocs, they are free to all research staff at University of Liverpool and are designed to celebrate researchers through recognising the talents and contribution of researchers to organisations, and identifying career development opportunities.


Event Details 


Monday 18th September

Creating connections and rediscovering joy

10:30 - 12:00pm


UK-wide NPAW event

What is a "Postdoc"?

How similar/different is this across different disciplines, and with the increased focus on interdisciplinary research, how can we communicate and connect across divides?

Come explore with us in this event, kicking start with a comedic take on this topic by Dave Chawner, followed by conversations and discussion panel led by Prof Ian Sabroe and Dr Dieter Declercq, hosts of the podcast 'Conversations about Arts, Humanities and Health', on how to create collaborative environments, break preconceived ideologies, and rediscover the joy that drives us forward with what we do!

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Transparency: Enhancing Research through Reproducibility & Openness

2:30 - 3:30pm


Dr Alice Howarth (she/her)

Open to all Liverpool research staff and PGRs

Have you ever tried to repeat an experiment from the literature only to find that it just won’t work? It turns out, you are not alone!

Over the last few years, a variety of research disciplines have identified issues with reproducibility. One survey showed that 70% of researchers have tried to reproduce research in the literature without success. And more than half of researchers have struggled to reproduce their own data! 

Improving the reproducibility of our own work will enhance the impact of that work and benefit the wider progression of research in a variety of research fields.  

How can open research facilitate research reproducibility? What can researchers do to make their own research reproducible? How can transparency improve impact?

This session will facilitate a discussion between University of Liverpool researchers on how to make progress in research reproducibility and transparency.

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Tuesday 19th September

National Postdoc Conference

9:30 – 4pm


Loughborough University

Open to all postdocs in UK

C-DICE and Loughborough University are delighted to host the UKRSA/Vitae biennial National Postdoc Conference in 2023 as part of Postdoc Appreciation Week – the only conference in the UK dedicated solely to the celebration of postdoctoral researchers from any university, in any discipline. Join us at Loughborough University on 18 September for a pre-conference networking evening and on 19 September for talks, workshops, networking and a celebration of postdocs!

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How to craft a successful briefing to engage with a policy audience

Dr Tom Arnold (he/him), Heseltine Institute

Online resource

Open to all University of Liverpool researchers

You’ve done the research, presented the findings at a conference and published a paper. How can you now use your work to influence policy?

Policy briefings are an effective way to promote your research amongst the people who make decisions. This workshop, led by the University of Liverpool’s in-house ‘think tank’ the Heseltine Institute, guides postdocs through the policy briefing process.

Watch the recording here

Wednesday 20th September

Focus on your career development with Prosper

2 - 3pm

Dr Fiona McBride (she/her)

In-person session

Open to all University of Liverpool postdocs

As a postdoc you’ve lots of career options but working out the detail of your next career steps can feel unclear. You’ve got lots of skills but how do you figure out which of these skills you want to use and develop in your career? What skills do employers value? Where would you like your career to take you? All of this can seem overwhelming but you can use the Prosper portal to make this more do-able.

In this practical session we’ll take you through;

  • A brief overview of Prosper
  • A tour of what’s on offer in the portal
  • A walk-through of the career development navigator
  • Time to try it out for yourself
  • Q&A
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Thursday 21st September

NPAW23 - Help! They're asking for a Narrative CV

10:30 - 12:30pm

Dr Lydia Nicholson (she/her) and Dr Hannah Dutton (she/her)

In-Person session

Open to all University of Liverpool and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine research staff

Your proposal is planned.

You’ve got your letters of support.

You dust off your CV … and you realise the funder is asking for a Narrative CV.

What even is a Narrative CV?

Narrative CVs are increasingly being requested by funders in place of traditional list-based CVs. They’re designed to be more inclusive and align with wider shifts around positive research culture and responsible assessment of research.

They also take longer to write and come with challenges — like which contributions to include and how to tailor them to your proposal.

This interactive workshop will introduce Narrative CVs, explain which funders are using them and why, and go through some practical exercises to help you develop your own.

You don’t have to have a funding application on the go — the earlier you start thinking about your Narrative CV, the easier it will be to write it when the time comes.

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Friday 22nd September

Pizza Solves Everything

12:30 - 3:30pm

In-person session

Open to all University of Liverpool research staff

Join the Research Staff Association to learn about working interdisciplinarily, solving key research challenges and networking with your peers.

Collaboration and interdisciplinarity are key aspects of the role of a modern academic. In this social networking session, you will learn about the skills required to develop interdisciplinary connections with other researchers, then have an opportunity to practice those skills by working with your peers to solve some key research challenges.

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