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Connecting With Nature




What to do

Benefits of engaging


Noticing 3 good things in nature1


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Look out of the window or go outside.

Look for three good things in nature. Write a description of each one, take a photo or draw a picture.

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Research has shown that noting three good things in nature each day leads to an increase in nature connection, health and wellbeing.

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Asking awareness questions2


Nature -Mentor

(activity 5)

Look out of the window or go outside. Ask yourself:

What am I noticing right now?

What am I hearing?

What can I smell?

Open your mind to nature

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Sense meditation3


Nature -Mentor (activity 11)


Go outside and consciously focus your attention on each of the five senses.


First, spend a few minutes really listening deeply to all the sounds like bird calls, squirrels, wind in the trees, insect noises road sounds.

Then, move on to your senses of touch, sight, smell (and even taste!) relaxing all the way through to help your mind become calm and quiet.

Start by opening each sense individually, then gradually putting them altogether until your entire awareness is completely open and receptive.

Experience mindfulness with nature

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