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Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science

Liverpool has the top Veterinary School return for 4* overall research in the Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science unit of assessment. Our research is ranked joint 1st in the UK for world leading research environment and 3rd for world leading research.

Our work in Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences spans clinic, farm, laboratory and modelling, and veterinary problems from regional to global scales. We work from the molecular basis of disease through to the factors that determine transmission of infection and emergence of new diseases, including means of surveillance and quantification of global disease burdens. We work to prevent, control and treat animal disease, and also to establish practices which reduce the chance of microbes and parasites evolving to resist the treatments we use.

Our research also tackles fundamental aspects of plant physiology and biochemistry which underpin crop production. Within these programmes, our researchers  deploy and develop multi omics platforms, cutting edge technology and methods which enable us to apply our discovery science. Our work additionally considers the environment, such as impacts of agricultural landscapes on biodiversity, and impacts of biodiversity on veterinary and agricultural contexts. We work strongly in a ‘One Health’ context – connecting humans, wildlife and livestock. Our work also covers the impact of companion animals on human health and development of systems for improving the health and welfare of livestock, companion and laboratory animals.

Focal research projects include:

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