Dr Angelo Pirrone PhD, FHEA

Lecturer Psychology


Personal Statement

My research interests fall within the areas of decision-making and cognitive modelling. My work focuses on understanding the mechanisms via which humans and other organisms make decisions. The overarching aim of my research is to improve the decision-making process and its outcomes, for both individuals and artificial systems. My research combines a wide range of tools from experimental and cognitive psychology together with ideas from computer science and theoretical biology.

In 2016 I completed a PhD at the University of Sheffield (UK). After that, I worked as a post-doc at Peking University (China), the University of Bergen (Norway) and the London School of Economics (UK). In September 2023, I joined the Department of Psychology at the University of Liverpool as a Lecturer.

For a list of publications, follow this link.

I welcome enquiries from research assistants, potential PhD candidates and postdocs, especially (but not only) in the areas of information processing in decision-making, decision-making under radical uncertainty, and computational models of decision-making.