Research Groups

Aesthetics, Art and Literature

Aesthetics, Art and Literature is a distinctly interdisciplinary group. As well as working on more traditional topics in aesthetics and philosophy of literature, it enables researchers from different academic disciplines to exchange ideas and methods, to collaborate across traditional boundaries, and to work closely with other institutions and the community on issues of intellectual and cultural importance. More info.

Metaphysics, Language and Mind

Members of this research group have diverse research interests in the nature of mind, language and reality, spanning general metaphysics, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of logic.

The topics staff currently work on include consciousness, space and time, modality, nominalism, the self, logical consequence, linguistic idealism, and the nature of the proposition. More info.

Religion, Ethics and Practical Philosophy

This group carries forward a strong Liverpool tradition of producing world class, practical philosophy research that draws on expertise in many traditions.

Our philosophical interests are diverse, encompassing ethics, philosophy of religion, environmental philosophy, political philosophy, Indian philosophy and history of philosophy, but share a focus on practical import. More info.