Dr Iain Young BSc PhD FRSB

Vice Dean for Student Experience and Risk School of Medicine


Personal Statement

Iain Young joined University of Liverpool in 2002 as the Director of the first Bioveterinary Science Programme in a UK School of Veterinary School – a template for numerous subsequent Bioveterinary Science programmes in other Universities (Bioveterinary Science: development of a discipline: Nature Biotechnology 21, p339–340 https://doi.org/10.1038/nbt0303-339). Iain joined the School of Medicine as the Academic Director of Year 2 of the MBChB programme, then took the Role of Deputy Director of Studies - with broad responsibility for curriculum, conduct and progression particularly for Year 1 and 2. As Deputy Director of Studies and Head of Risk Management and Operational Procedure, Iain was tasked with the safe delivery of on campus and placement teaching during the coronavirus pandemic. This included being a key part of the team that created and delivered a “SubFY1” medical student role at the height of the pandemic, allowing final year student doctors to join the stretched NHS workforce while providing them with the familiar support of the Medical School. This initiative was awarded a Faculty of a Health and Life Sciences Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Award in 2020-21.

Iain Young gained BSc and PhD in Zoology/Biomechanics from the University of Leeds. Before joining the University of Liverpool in 2002 he held research positions at the University of Pennsylvania and personal fellowships at the Marine Biology Laboratory in Woods Hole, USA. Iain’s research focuses on the use of physiology and proteomics to understand growth and development of muscle. He also promotes cross-disciplinary approaches to address sustainability and food security challenges; forming partnerships and working with industry to develop new approaches, new technologies and delivering impactful R&D. Iain has > 100 peer reviewed publications across these areas.

Iain Young has a broad experience of teaching physiology, cell biology and functional anatomy to science, veterinary and medical students. Iain has translated his enthusiasm for cross-disciplinary approaches into teaching. "Challenges in Sustainability" focused on authentic assessment in the Living Laboratory of Liverpool City and gained national recognition as a finalist –in the 2016 Green Gown Awards for “Learning and Skills”. Iain has also translated his enthusiasm for STEM subjects and sustainability into KE/WP projects including the “Future Food” Shaping Futures project, now in its fourth year, engaging up to 8000 school children) from Merseyside low participation areas in an eco-entrepreneur Bootcamp. This has extended, with support from the African Union, to pilot a virtual exchange with schools in Sierra Leone.

Between 2007 and 2021, Iain was also a Hall Warden responsible for managing the pastoral support and discipline for student residents, first on the University of Liverpool Carnatic Halls site, then for Dover Court and Philharmonic Court Halls of Residence.