Photo of Professor Zlatko Bodrozic

Professor Zlatko Bodrozic

Chair in Digital Enterprise Operations and Supply Chain Management


Personal Statement

I am a Professor in Digital Enterprise at University of Liverpool. Prior to joining the University of Liverpool, I was an Associate Professor in Technology, Organisation and Sustainability at the University of Leeds.

My work prioritizes the combination of theory and practice. I have led complex transformation projects with various partners (e.g., businesses in various industries, including Airbus and several IT firms, as well as public-sector and non-profit organisations). In parallel with this work, I have taught at the Universities of Bonn, Hamburg, Hanover and Milan. My PhD is from the University of Helsinki.

At the European Group of Organizational Studies conferences (2021-2026), I act as co-coordinator of the Standing Working Group "Organization Studies in the Anthropocene: System Change, not Climate Change".