Photo of Dr Jingqi Zhu

Dr Jingqi Zhu

Senior Lecturer in International Business Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Globalisation and professional service firms

I am interested in understanding how globalisation has shaped the work and organisation of professional service firms in different national and institutional contexts. Relevant projects include:

- A comparative study of partners in the Big 4 accounting firms: China and Japan
- The role of the State in the accounting field in China
- A project on the partners in the 'Red Circle' Chinese law firms

Internationalisation, work and organisation of Chinese firms

I have always had an interest in understanding the role that Chinese companies play in the global market. I am particularly interested in learning how they internationalise, what management systems and practices they use, as well as the implications their activities have on work and employment both within the company and in the host country.
Relevant projects include:

- The internationalisation of Chinese accounting firms
- The work and employment of Chinese firms in Japan
- Belt and Road Initiative and its work and organisation implications on the host country

Work and employment in global supply chains

I have conducted extensive research on how work and employment are organised in global supply chains, particularly in the service outsourcing industry.