Photo of Dr Aparna Venugopal

Dr Aparna Venugopal B.Tech, MBA, FPM

Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Research Overview

Aparna's research interest primarily revolves around strategic contradictions. Her current research endeavours with this broad research interest focuses on three areas: organisational ambidexterity, stakeholder engagements in entrepreneurial opportunity realisations, and the role of othering beliefs on entrepreneurial impacts within grand challenges.

Other interests- Scholarship in entrepreneurship education
Drawing from her years of experience in entrepreneurial education, and her learnings from her recently completed post graduate certification in academic practice coursework, with a longitudinal design, Aparna studied how entrepreneurship students' intention forming times and formed intentions are associated with the contemporaneous learning decisions during an entrepreneurial masters programme. This work is currently under review at a reputed journal.

Organisational ambidexterity

Recently, with her co-authors at the Australian National University and University of Potsdam and Liverpool, Aparna has worked on a bibliometrics analysis of ambidexterity studies from 1996-2021. This work is currently under review at an esteemed peer-reviewed journal. Yet another work with a colleague from ULMS based on the ambidextrous views of varied stakeholders at a Canadian energy utility, anchored in the paradox literature is under review at a reputed peer-reviewed journal as well.

In another paper, Aparna is exploring how the paradoxical interpretation of threat and opportunity in small and medium industrial and commercial energy consumers is associated with the organisations' ambidextrous decisions in a green transition.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

Aparna is interested in the paradoxical epistemological beliefs associated with discovery and creation and how they are associated with stakeholder engagements. Her work on this topic that explores opportunity beliefs in 4 Canadian clean energy engineering startups is under review at a reputed entrepreneurship studies journal.

Othering beliefs on entrepreneurial impacts within grand challenges

Aparna is keen to explore the historical legacies of paradoxes in power, gender and privacy that are significant determinants of current high-tech sanitation entrepreneurial decisions in India. This work is currently under review at a reputed management journal.