Photo of Dr Ahmed Al-Abdin

Dr Ahmed Al-Abdin PhD, MSc, PGcert, PgDip, BA

Deputy Associate Dean (International-ULMS) & Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marketing Marketing (ULMS)


TSR and TSI research which addresses pressing challenges

Keen to supervise PhD students on a variety of topics

Potential PhD topic: Transformative service research (TSR) and how different actors at the micro (e.g. consumers), meso (communities), macro (organisations, government), address pressing challenges such as poverty alleviation, migration, service consumption in war torn/conflict zones, acculturation between home and host societies and many other aligned sub-topics.

Potential PhD topic: Transformative Service Initiatives (TSIs) as an emerging sub-strand of TSR and how TSIs such as humanitarian organisations and not for profits engage in uplifting initiatives in line with addressing some of the pressing challenges mentioned in the above examples.

Destination marketing and rejuvenating historical sites in countries impact by conflict

Potential PhD topic: Destination marketing in countries impacted by conflict. Such studies might revolve around supporting the rejuvenation of historical sites (e.g. UNESCO world heritage sites) in countries impacted by prolonged conflict (e.g. anthropogenic conflict such as wars and manmade disasters (e.g. floods, earthquakes, tornadoes etc). Studies might explore the intersection of cultural heritage preservation and tourism development. As one typical example, potential studies might look at UNESCO World heritage sites in babylonia (present day Iraq) and the capacity for sustainable tourism through uplifting initiatives. In terms of impact, there may be positive implications for tourism agencies, governments, local communities, domestic and international tourism etc… There is a growing stream of literature around ‘crisis-resistant’ tourists where some tourists are willing to visit counties impacted by crisis/es, despite some of the dangers involved.

Brand activism and 'mis-activism'

Potential PhD topic: Brand activism, ‘mis-activism’ with unintended consequences that challenges popular activism discourse and might deal with helping brands and services to alleviate environmentalism and/or consumer boycott pressures as well as when/how to engage in a form/s of activism, in line with the organisation’s mission/company values etc…There might also be a digital marketing focus here, with a study that could examine how consumers have latched onto the rise of activism and boycotting apps in recent times.

Research Grants

A Service Evaluation of East Cheshire Hospice’s New Hospice at Home project


January 2018 - August 2021