Photo of Dr Ahmed Al-Abdin

Dr Ahmed Al-Abdin PhD, MSc, PGcert, PgDip, BA

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marketing Marketing (ULMS)


Personal Statement

Dr. Ahmed Al-Abdin is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marketing. He has completed his PhD in Marketing (University of Hull) with a focus on consumption practices and the Arab revolutions. He also holds an MSc in Marketing Management and a BA in Business.

Additionally, he has been awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Research Training and most recently, a PGCERT (with distinction) in teaching and learning (2017). He has taught across a multiplicity of marketing modules, is a fellow member of the Higher Education Academy and he has most recently been awarded the teaching excellence award (2023) for the 8th consecutive year. He was also shortlisted for The Guild Students Union 'Teacher of the Year' and 'Outstanding Support Award' (2022). He was also awarded the Sir Alistair Pilkington Award for a team based project around curating collaborative online international learning (COIL) projects.

Prior to 2022, he was awarded The Guild Students Union 'Outstanding Support Award' (2021) for the University of Liverpool and shortlisted for 'Teacher of the Year' (2021). He was also awarded 'Teacher of the Year' in 2019 and a learning and teaching award (2019); both for the Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences. He is also the holder of a British Academy of Management early career education practice award and several others including the early career teacher of the year (2015-2016) and teaching excellence (2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2022, 2023), Faculty learning and teaching award (2019), and The Guild Teacher of the year (2019) awards. Moreover, he has published in the Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Service Research, Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Annals of Leisure Research including many others, and is a reviewer for several journals (including the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management Studies, European Management Journal, International Marketing Review, Journal of Services Marketing and Marketing Intelligence and Planning).

His research interests are concentrated in the areas of Branding, Consumer Research, Consumption in Emerging Economies and Vulnerable/war torn societies, Pedagogic Research, Health Services Research and Systematic Reviews.

Prizes or Honours

  • Teaching Excellence Award (University of Liverpool Management School, 2023)
  • Sir Alistair Pilkington Award (University of Liverpool, 2022)
  • Shortlisted for Teacher of the Year award (The Liverpool Guild, University of Liverpool, 2022)
  • Shortlisted for Oustanding Support Award (The Liverpool Guild, University of Liverpool, 2022)
  • Outstanding Support Award (Liverpool Guild of Students (students union)- University of Liverpool, 2021)
  • Shortlisted for the Teacher of the Year Award (2021) (Liverpool Guild of Students (University of Liverpool), 2021)
  • Teaching Excellence Award (University of Liverpool Management School, 2019)
  • Teacher of the Year (The Guild Students Union- University of Liverpool, 2019)
  • Learning and Teaching Award- Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Liverpool, 2019)
  • Shortlisted for Research Impact of the Year Award with Prof. Philippa Hunter-Jones & Dr. Lynn Sudbury-Riley (University of Liverpool, 2018)
  • British Academy of Management Education Practice Award (British Academy of Management, 2018)
  • Teaching Excellence Award (University of Liverpool , 2018)
  • Teaching Excellence Award (University of Liverpool , 2017)
  • Early Career Teacher of the Year Award 2015-2016 (University of Liverpool , 2016)