Photo of Dr Adriana Nilsson

Dr Adriana Nilsson PhD

Lecturer Work, Organisation and Management


Personal Statement

My research interests are on questions of climate change mitigation, inequality and social policy. This includes renewable energy and green financing, as well as international/transnational governance of global health and the political economy of health and the welfare state. I have a particular interest in engaging in policy making conversations about the role of the supranational and inter-governmental organisations involved in these topics, have published in journals such as Research Policy and Governance and co-authored an impact case study with Dr. Claes Belfrage and colleagues at the University of Leeds, Applied University of Vienna and the Brazilian Central Bank. I have a track record of working abroad and collaborating with international organisations and experts in Europe, Brazil and the US.

I have an ESRC funded PhD in Political Science from the University of Manchester and have been in Liverpool since 2015. Between 2011 and 2015, I was Assistant Professor in International Political Economy and Economic Sociology at Copenhagen Business School, where I conducted research linked to the ERC funded project Professionals in International Political Economies (PIPES).