Physics Simulations to Underpin Discoveries in the Neutrino Sector

Student: Júlia Tena Vidal
Supervisor: Costas Andreopoulos

The student will develop a new global tune of GENIE in the challenging kinematical region between the perturbative and non-perturbative regimes relevant for neutrino CP violation searches in accelerator neutrino experiments. This will enhance the physics discovery reach of the early exploitation phase of the DUNE experiment by employing a vast collection of historical and new data expected from the SBND experiment at Fermilab to improve GENIE modelling of interactions in Argon. This will be done in collaboration with scientists from the IPPP at Durham who developed the Professor system used successfully for tuning the general purpose MC physics generators used at the LHC, as well as with input from LBDN experts in efficient use of MC.