Photo of Professor Reinhold J. Medina

Professor Reinhold J. Medina MD, PhD, FHEA

Chair Professor of Vision and Vascular Science Eye & Vision Sciences


Personal Statement

I am Chair Professor of Vision and Vascular Science and Head of the Department of Eye and Vision Science at the Institute of Life Course and Medical Science, University of Liverpool. My research group investigates key issues in vascular biology in three areas:
a) Vascular Ageing,
b) Diabetes,
c) Vascular Repair and Regeneration.
We aim to harness cell and molecular biology to understand disease and promote health.

Reinhold is originally from Peru, where he completed his medical training and obtained his MD from San Agustin University-Arequipa in 2000. After two years of clinical work as a GP, Reinhold moved to Japan to train as a basic scientist and was awarded his PhD in Stem Cell Biology from Okayama University Medical School in 2006. He was then recruited to QUB as a Postdoctoral Fellow. After two consecutive postdoctoral fellowships from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International and Fight for Sight in 2008 and 2010 respectively, he was appointed University Lecturer in 2012, Senior Lecturer in 2017, and Professor in 2020. Reinhold has a keen interest in understanding basic science to explain disease. His work on human endothelial progenitor cell biology is internationally recognised. Reinhold joined ILCaMS-University of Liverpool in 2024 as Head of Department for Vision and Eye Sciences.