Photo of Dr Richard Smith

Dr Richard Smith BSc, MBCS, PhD, PG.Dip.H.Ed, FHEA,

Senior Lecturer & Academic lead for Clinical Sciences, Year 2 - BDS/BSc Co-Lead. Foundations of Practice Lead School of Dentistry


Personal Statement

Senior Lecturer in Dental Biometrics and Academic lead for Clinical Sciences. BSc/BDS year 2 Co-Lead, Foundations of Practice Lead

My interests lie in the areas of 2 and 3D dental and facial morphology. I designed and developed the fixed and mobile digital imaging units used within a wide area of dental research. Previously, whilst at the University of Sheffield, I obtained my PhD involving the measurement of dental plaque and gingival inflamation using image analysis. My other research interests include the assessment of anti-plaque and whitening products (clinical trials) and phenotyping of dental abnormalities that cause anomalies of size, shape and colour.

Prizes or Honours

  • Study of Shape Deformity Models for Accurate Comparison of Dental Features (University of Liverpool, 2011)
  • BBSRC studentship (BBSRC, 2010)
  • Research Development Fund 2006 (University of Liverpool, 2006)
  • New Investigator Award (Enamel VII Committee, 2005)
  • Oral and Dental Research Trust Proctor and Gamble research award (Oral and Dental Research Trust , 2000)