Photo of Dr Masoud Isanejad

Dr Masoud Isanejad MPHN, PhD, AFHEA

Lecturer in Nutrition Musculoskeletal & Ageing Science


Personal Statement

Dr. Masoud Isanejad is a prominent researcher specializing in nutrition, metabolism, and the intricate interplay between sarcopenia and chronic conditions like heart failure. Sarcopenia is a progressive and pervasive skeletal muscle disorder characterized by an accelerated loss of muscle mass and function, resulting in adverse outcomes such as falls, functional decline, frailty, and mortality. It manifests as both muscle wasting and reduced muscle strength. Secondary sarcopenia can arise alongside aging if other factors, such as malignancy or organ failure, are present.

Dr. Isanejad is committed to advancing research aimed at translating the current understanding of sarcopenia's underlying mechanisms into enhanced diagnostic and treatment methodologies. His particular focus lies in investigating metabolomics and the pivotal role of nutrition in interventions. Collaborating with the NHS, Dr. Isanejad endeavors to optimize practical health research, making the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sarcopenia more seamlessly integrated into routine clinical care. His research strives to establish a link between nutritional adjustments and improved muscle health, specifically addressing the metabolic aspects of secondary sarcopenia. He maintains a close partnership with the Centre of Metabolomic Research (CMR) at the University of Liverpool, leveraging their expertise to conduct comprehensive metabolomic analyses.

Dr. Isanejad is actively engaged in several key projects:
- Principal Investigator (PI) for "Towards diagnosis of secondary sarcopenia as a comorbidity in heart failure: a multivariate biomarker approach."
- PI for "Biomarkers associated with secondary sarcopenia and in post-stroke" (BiomarkSarco-Stroke).
- PI for "Metabotype and phenotype of aged skeletal muscle: insights from metabolomic and in vitro models."
- Co-Investigator (Co-I) for "Combining vitamin E-functionalized CHOcolate with physical exercise to reduce the risK Of protein-energy malnutrition in pre-dementia AGEd people."

Dr. Isanejad possesses a rich set of skills, including expertise in:
- Interpreting metabolomics in the context of nutrition and muscle metabolism.
- Clinical nutrition and precision nutrition.
- Metabotyping (Metabolic phenotyping).
- Epidemiology and large data analysis (e.g., OSTPRE, KIHD, UKB)