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Dr Thomas Horsley LL.B (Hons), LL.M, PhD (Edinburgh)

Senior Lecturer in European Union Law Law


Personal Statement

Thomas joined the Law School in September 2011. He is Senior Lecturer in European Union Law and Director of Postgraduate Research.

His principal areas of expertise: (1) the Court of Justice of the European Union; (2) EU internal market law - in particular: the free movement of capital and goods; (3) Union citizenship and UK implementation of EU citizenship rights; and (4) general principles of EU law - in particular: subsidiarity and EU fundamental rights.

Thomas has published in leading international journals and edited collections on EU law and European integration (see here for details). He has recently completed a monograph exploring the role of the Court of Justice of the European Union as an Institutional Actor in EU integration (with Cambridge University Press, forthcoming Spring 2018). Alongside this, he is preparing other outputs, including further work on the impact of Brexit on European and domestic courts.

Thomas gave evidence to the House of Lords EU Select Committee on the topic of the UK Government's "UK/EU Balance of Competences" Review. In 2014 Thomas also acted as UK rapporteur at the XXVI FIDE Congress hosted by the University of Copenhagen for the topic "Union Citizenship: Development, Impact and Challenges." His published work on the free movement of capital was cited by HM Treasury in its Final Report on the Balance of Competences: Financial Services and the Free Movement of Capital (July 2014).

Thomas completed his PhD thesis at the University of Edinburgh (2009-2011), funded by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council. He also holds undergraduate (2006, 1st class) and postgraduate (2008, with distinction) degrees awarded by the same institution.

He currently supervises PhD projects on the hierarchy of norms in EU integration and the constitutional position of national parliaments in the EU legal order post-Lisbon. He welcomes enquires from prospective students with proposals within his areas of expertise.

Personal Distinctions

  • Author of the "Legal Developments" contribution for the Journal of Common Market Studies Annual Review (From 2014)
  • Invited to give evidence to House of Lords EU Select Committee (Invitation to Speak, 2015)
  • Publication on the Free Movement of Capital (OUP, 2015) cited in HM Treasury Report on EU Financial Services and Capital (July 2014)
  • Interviewed on BBC Radio Merseyside on 2014 EU Parliament elections (Invitation to Speak, April 2014)
  • UK Rapporteur on 'Union Citizenship,' FIDE Congress, University of Copenhagen (Invitation to Speak, FIDE 2014)
  • Invitation to present at the Common Market Law Review 50th Anniversary Conference "Current Challenges for EU Law - New Views, New Inspirations" (Invitation to Speak, Noordwijk, April 2013)
  • JMCE Funding Award (jointly with Prof. Nic Shuibhne, University of Edinburgh) (JMCE 2010)
  • Doctoral Award (2009-2011) (Arts and Humanities Research Council 2009)
  • Research Preparation Master's Award (2007-2008) (Arts and Humanities Research Council 2008)

Administrative Roles

  • Co-Director of the Liverpool European Law Unit
  • Director of Postgraduate Research (From September 2013)
  • Member of RKE and Mitigating Circumstances Committees (2012-2014)
  • Deputy Director of Online Programmes (2011-2014)

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