Dr Amel Alghrani LLB, MA, PhD, Barrister (non-practising)

Reader in Law Law


    Personal Statement

    Dr Amel Alghrani is a Reader in Law and has acted as Associate Dean (Education) in the School of Law and Social Justice (SLSJ), University of Liverpool. Following her undergraduate LLB Law degree, she obtained a Masters and PhD in medical law. She was called to the Bar in 2003, having won a prestigious £10,000 scholarship from the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. She is the founding director of the Health Law and Regulation Unit and specialises in medical law and ethics.

    Prior to her appointment as a Senior Lecturer in Liverpool in 2013, she held positions as a Research Associate at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, led by Professors Margaret Brazier and Soren Holm (University of Manchester, 2008-11); a Research Fellow at the Institute of Science Ethics and Innovation, led by Nobel Laureate Sir John Sulston and Professor John Harris (2011-2012); and a Family Law Lecturer at the University of Manchester (2012-2013).

    A major strand of her research and teaching focuses on the regulation of both current and emerging assisted reproductive technologies. She is interested in how the law has sought to regulate technologies and grapple with reproductive innovations when it comes to family formation, enabling and constraining their use according to social and legal definitions of parenthood, kinship, personhood and the proper boundaries of human bodies. She has published extensively on the legal, ethical and regulatory issues raised by new and emerging reproductive technologies (such as womb/uterus transplantation and artificial wombs) and the impact these will have on reproductive rights of individuals and the welfare of children born through the use of such technologies. (See her recent book titled 'Assisted Reproductive Technologies: New Horizons: Regulating the Future of Human Reproduction (Cambridge University Press, 2018).

    Amel also has particular expertise in the use of the criminal to regulate healthcare ethics and practice, in particular the law surrounding gross negligence manslaughter, wilful neglect and corporate manslaughter. As deference towards the medical profession continues to decline and prosecutions for medical manslaughter appear to rise/be more visible, she is keen to continue to research whether the use of the criminal law to regulate fatal inadvertent error serves any positive purpose, either by promoting patient safety or preventing the occurrence of such errors.

    Dr Alghrani currently supervises a number of PhD students and is happy to supervise doctoral research within her expertise.

    Her recent research includes:
    * 'Assisted Reproductive Technologies: New Horizons: Regulating the Future of Human Reproduction' Cambridge University Press, November 2018 (monograph).
    * 'Uterus Transplantation in and beyond cisgender women: Revisiting procreative liberty in light of emerging reproductive technologies' (2018) 5 (2) Journal of Law and the Biosciences 301-328.
    * (With D. Griffiths), “Surrogacy Regulation In The UK: the Case For Reform” (2017) 29 (2) Child and Family Law Quarterly 165 - 186.

    In edited collections:
    • A. Alghrani (with, J. Marsh & A.Ali) Leyla Sahin Case, Feminist Legal Judgements Project (Hart, 2019). Forthcoming.
    • A. Alghrani ‘Re A’ in H. Stalford, K. Hollingsworth, S. Gilmore (eds) Rewriting Children’s Rights Judgments: From Academic Vision to New Practice (Hart, 2017) pp 264-272.

    Dr Alghrani is a member of the International Advisory Board on an exciting research project "Ice Age: Entangled Lives, Times and Ethics in Fertility Preservation" funded by the Danish Research Council.

    She is also a co-editor of the Medical Law International alongside Dr Paula Case and Professor Marie Fox.

    Amel also co-leads the Critical Medical Humanities Theme and is on the management group of The Centre for Humanities and Social Science of Health, Medicine and Technology

    Media queries welcome.

    Prizes or Honours

    • Faculty Learning and Teaching Award. (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Liverpool, 2018)
    • Woman of the Year Finalist and Personal Recommendation Award in 'Contribution to Medicine' Category (The English Women's Awards , 2018)
    • Teacher of the Year (Liverpool Guild of Students , 2015)
    • Scholarship (The Honorable Inner Temple Inns of Court , 2002)