Small Animal Clinical Science

Maddox, Professor TomHead of Department / Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging0151 795 6226 Ext:6226
Alderson, Professor BrionyHead of Hospital / Senior Lecturer - Small Animal Anaesthesia0151 755 6290 Ext:6290
Hodgkiss-Geere, Professor HannahDeputy Head of Department / Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Cardiology0151 794 9434 Ext:9434
Healy, Mrs SallySATH Secretary0151 795 6202 Ext:6202
Amores-Fuster, Miss IsabelSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Oncology0151 795 6181
Batchelor, Professor DanSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine0151 795 6207 Ext:6207
Bowen-Smith, Dr JenniferLecturer and Senior Veterinary Surgeon
Duffy, Mrs NatalieSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Anaesthesia
Buckley, Miss LauraSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology0151 795 6227 Ext:6227
Campbell, Dr RobertPrimary Care Lecturer
Comerford, Professor EithneProfessor Small Animal Orthopaedics0151 794 6568 Ext:6568
Cox, Dr ThomasLecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Dukes-McEwan, Professor JoProfessor in Veterinary Cardiology0151 795 6245 Ext:6245
German, Professor AlexProfessor of Small Animal Internal Medicine0151 795 6204 Ext:6204
Goncalves, Miss RitaSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Neurology
Guillem, Mr JamesLecturer in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Hampshire, Dr Rebecca
Humphreys, Mr WilliamLecturer in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Killick, Professor DavidHead of Oncology Service
Lalanda Madruga, Mr FilipeLecturer in Small Animal Anaesthesia
Legnani, Ms SaraSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Dermatology
Martinez, Dr MiguelSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia
Martinho, Dr FilipeLecturer and Veterinary Surgeon in Exotic Pet Species
Marwood, Miss RachelLecturer in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Mateos Panero, Miss MariaLecturer in Small Animal Cardiology
McConnell, Mr FraserSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging0151 795 6218 Ext:6218
Morgan, Dr GeneverLecturer in Small Animal Clinical Skills
Noble, Dr P-JSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine 0151 795 6205 Ext:6205
O'Connell, Miss ErinSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Orlandi, Miss RocioLecturer in Small Animal Neurology
Pappa, Miss EiriniLecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Pettitt, Professor RobProfessor of Small Animal Orthopaedics0151 795 6238 Ext:6238
Phillipps, Ms StephanieLecturer in Small Animal Neurology
Robson, Ms KatherineSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Anaesthesia0151 795 6209 Ext:6209
Schiborra, Dr FrederikeSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging0151 795 6246 Ext:6246
Schmidt, Miss VanessaSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology
Tomlinson, Mr AndrewSenior Lecturer in Small Animal Orthopaedics
Walmsley, Dr GemmaSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Neurology0151 794 9309 Ext:9309
Williams, Miss HeatherLecturer in Small Animal Surgery (Soft Tissue)
Rankin, Ms RachelHead Nurse0151 795 6151 Ext:6151
Addison, Mrs MarianVeterinary Nurse
Yates, Mrs SarahVeterinary Nurse (Dermatology)
Bridle, Mrs EllaVeterinary Nurse
Griffith, Mrs KathrynPatient Care Veterinary Nurse
Bentley, Miss Dee-AnneAnimal Care Auxilliary
Billingsley-Lumberg, Mrs PaulaVeterinary Nurse
Brown, Mrs ElizabethVeterinary Nurse
Campion, Miss KarenTherapeutic Radiographer
Cannon, Miss KatherinePatient Care Veterinary Nurse
Cotton, Miss AshleighNight Patiet Care Veterinary Nurse
Davies, Miss FionaPatient Care Nurse
Davies, Miss LisaShift Patient Care Veterinary Nurse
Dean, Miss AlisaSenior Veterinary Nurse (Imaging)0151 795 6135 Ext:6135
Del Mondo, Mrs DesireeVeterinary Nurse
Depledge, Ms LisaVeterinary Nurse
Der Haroutunian, Mrs FaithVeterinary Nurse (Imaging)
Brothwood, Mrs KatePatient Care Veterinary Nurse Shift
Egerton, Miss GeorginaVeterinary Nurse
Ellis, Miss LaurenVeterinary Nurse
Farrington, Miss RachelVeterinary Nurse
Freeman, Mrs JoanVeterinary Nurse (Surgical)
Gott, Miss LucyVeterinary Nurse (Soft Tissue Surgery)
Graef, Miss NikkiVeterinary Nurse (Cardiology)0151 795 6123 Ext:6123
Greenhalgh, Mrs NataliePatient Care Veterinary Nurse
HENEBERY, Ms RachelVeterinary Nurse in Primary Care Practice
Hilton, Miss Lucy
Jones, Mrs KatherineVeterinary Nurse (Orthopaedics)0151 795 6144 Ext:6144
Jones, Mrs RachaelVeterinary Nurse (Internal Medicine)
Keating, Mrs AliVeterinary Nurse
Kinsey, Miss EmmaVeterinary Nurse
Klimaszewski, Mrs LauraVeterinary Nurse
Ruthie, Miss RuthVeterinary Nurse
Marchant, Miss DanielleVeterinary Nurse
Matthews, Miss SarahShift Patient Care Veterinary Nurse
McGinty, Mrs GaelynTherapeutic Radiographer
Piggin, Mrs KatherineVeterinary Nurse (Cardiology)0151 795 6154 Ext:6154
Reeves, Miss AnnaVeterinary Nurse (Surgical)0151 795 6144 Ext:6144
Rexwinkel, Mrs SarahVeterinary Nurse
Richards, Miss RobynShift Patient Care Veterinary Nurse
Roberts, Mrs DawnHospital Auxiliary
Smith, Miss NatalieShift Patient Care Veterinary Nurse
Sterry-Jones, Ms CarolineNight Veterinary Patient Care Nurse
Stretch, Mrs LucyVeterinary Nurse (Neurology)
Sweeney, Miss LizSenior Ward Nurse
Taylor, Mrs NancyUVP Veterinary Nurse0151 794 1503 Ext:1503
Thurston, Miss AshleighUVP Veterinary Nurse
White, Miss FionaLocum Patient Care Veterinary Nurse
White, Mrs GillyUltrasonographer
Wynne, Mrs PaulaVeterinary Nurse (Oncology)0151 795 6157 Ext:6157
Residents and Interns
Alvarez Picornell, Mr JoseResident in Small Animal Clinical Oncology
ELMO, Miss AlmudenaResident in Veterinary Anaesthesia
Atkinson, Dr LuciaIntern in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Broome, Ms HarrietResident in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Caldero Carrete, Miss JordinaIntern in Small Animal Neurology
Casey, Ms NiamhIntern in Small Animal Studies
Clark, Miss RebeccaIntern in Small Animal Studies
Cloete, Dr HenryIntern in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Crosland, Dr AndrewResident in Small Animal Cardiology
Crystal, Mr EdwardResident in Small Animal Surgery
Currie, Dr AlexIntern in Small Animal Surgery
Davis, Mr WilliamResident in Small Animal Cardiology
Fentem, Mr RoryResident in Small Animal Neurology
Jones, Dr RebeccaResident in Small Animal Surgery
Libera, Miss NataliaResident in Veterinary Anaesthesia
Macdonald, Dr KirstyIntern in Small Animal Studies
Mireia, Miss MireiaResident in Small Animal Anaesthesia
Mederska, Mrs ElzbietaResident in Small Animal Cardiology
Mella, Miss StephanieResident in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Nalborczyk, Miss ZoeIntern in Small Animal Surgery
Ossowska, Miss MalgorzataResident in Small Animal Oncology
Park, Dr JoonResident in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Pennington, Ms CatrinaResident in Small Animal Surgery
Pilkington, Mr EdwardResident in Small Animal Neurology
Rowe-Jones, Miss CharlotteIntern in Small Animal Studies
Serra Gomez de la Serna, Miss BlancaResident in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Sumping, Miss JessicaResident in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Turnbull, Dr KaitlinIntern in Small Animal Studies
Vigevani, Ms NinaResident in Small Animal Oncology
Wickstead, Miss FrancescaIntern in Small Animal Anaesthesia
Baker, Mrs EmmaReceptionist/Administrator0151 795 6129 Ext:6129
Beasley, Miss SharonAdmin Support0151 795 6127 Ext:6127
Button, Ms CarolineAdmin Support
Bygrave, Mrs LizProcurement Administrator (Part-time)
Dath, Mr NickAdmin Support
Davies, Miss ClaireReceptionist UVP0151 794 5969 Ext:5969
Dougherty, Mrs LindaPA / Management Services Adminitrator0151 794 9019 Ext:9019
Entwistle, Mrs JoanneReceptionist/Administrator
Hooper, Mrs DeniseAccounts Administrator vice Mutch
Mattisson, Mrs JenniReception Co-ordinator0151 795 6120 Ext:6120
Quinn, Mr GarethPractice Administrator UVP0151 794 8790 Ext:8790
Quinn, Mrs HannahProcurement Administrator0151 795 6133 Ext:6133
Taylor, Mr JohnClient Serivices Account Administrator
Thurston, Mrs SueClient Services Admin & Prof Services0151 794 4311 Ext:4311
Toohey, Mrs JoanAppointments Clerk0151 795 6129 Ext:6129
Wood, Mr PhilipClient Services (Manager (Admin)0151 795 6137 Ext:6137
Atkinson, Miss HannahVeterinary Laboratory Technician (Clinical)0151 794 6119 Ext:6119
Corkhill, Ms SiobhanAnimal Technician
Cornelius, Miss Samantha Animal Technician
Critchley, Ms EmmaAnimal Technician
Edwards, Mrs CorinneAnimal Technician
Halpin, Ms BethanyJunior Clinical Pathology Technician
Hart, Miss CourtneyTechnician
Hayes, Miss DanielleAnimal Care Technician
Heron, Mrs PamTheatre Technician
Daly, Ms MeganJunior Clinical Pathology Technician
Quinn, Ms SueTechnician, Clinical Path Lab0151 795 6119 Ext:6119
Williams, Mrs JanisAnimal Care Technician