Miss Rowan Connell BSc, MRes

Research Technician Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour


Personal Statement

I studied my BSc in Zoology and Genetics and my MRes in Evolutionary and Ecological Biology at the University of Liverpool. Through the course of my research projects I worked with parasitic wasps, Drosophila and symbiotic bacteria, and DNA analysis techniques including qPCR and Sanger sequencing. I continued this work over holidays as an assistant technician in Greg Hurst's lab group and became interested in pursuing a career as a research technician. I worked as a locum technician performing one-off or short term tasks for the University of Liverpool and UCL before becoming the research technician in 2017 on a BBSRC project supervised by Andrea Betancourt. I now curate over 500 fruit fly lines, perform breeding crosses and extract and process their DNA for analysis.