Photo of Dr Rita Papoula Pereira

Dr Rita Papoula Pereira DVM, PhD, SFHEA, MRCVS

Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health Livestock & One Health


    Personal Statement

    Rita is a Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health in the BVSc degree. She graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medecine, University in Lisbon, in Portugal where she is originally from. She worked for several years as a small animal clinician but also as a Sanitary inspector for the portuguese government. The second role led to the growth of Rita's interest in food science and public health. She then moved to the UK where she took the position of Official Veterinarian respresenting the MHS (now FSA) for several years before joining the University of Liverpool. She undertook a PhD/fellowship at the University of Liverpool, funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). The work focused on the role of the M1 protein in MHV-68 infection of the wood mouse which is a natural host for this infection. During this period Rita started teaching and realised how challenging and exhilarating it was and her mixed background led her to take the current position she holds. Rita is currently undertaking a residency programme in European College of Veterinary Public Health (subspecialty Food Science). Rita's main research interests are in the relationship between animal health and welfare, food microbiology, surveillance of disease and the use of digital technology in teaching.

    Rita also holds leadership roles being VPH subject lead for Year 4 and 3 and also BVSc 3rd year curriculum lead with overall responsibility for the academic delivery of the curriculum and assessment. She is also a member of multiple management groups/committees within the Vet School, IVES Wellbeing group and the IVES Equality and Diversity group. She is an MHFA Accredited Mental Health First Aider and uses these skills to support students and staff when needed..

    Rita's professional journey has not been straight foward but has contributed to her multifacetted expertise. Rita believes that if you had asked her upon leaving University what she would do she would never have imagined the track she took so far but that is what has been the most amazing part of her life and what has made her stronger as a person and as a professional.

    Keywords: veterinary public health, food safety, food microbiology, foodborne pathogens, meat safety assurance systems, pedagogy, digital technology