Dr Michael Griffiths BMedSci, BM.BS., MRCP Paeds., MSc Paediatrics and Child Health, DTMH, DPhil.

Reader Clinical Infection, Microbiology & Immunology


    Personal Statement

    I am a Reader and Honorary Paediatric Neurology consultant in the Department of Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology at the Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool. My team's main aim is to improve diagnosis, treatment and management of infection, with a focus on brain infections in the UK and world-wide. My research Interests lie on the host responses to severe infection, particularly neurological infectious insults, with a focus on identifying diagnostic and prognostic markers as well as to better understand the role of host and pathogen responses in determining the outcome of brain infections. I use transcriptomic and proteomic approaches to explore these responses, both in patient populations and brain infection models. I am PI for the several UK and international studies, including TRIM (TRanscripts Identifying Meningitis) and DIME (Diagnostic Improvement for Meningo-encephalitis) studies. I have published widely, including in the Lancet and Lancet Infectious Diseases. Funding sources for my work include the MRC, Newton fund, Wellcome Trust, EU Horizon 2020 and NIHR. I previously trained in Oxford, Kenya (Kilifi) and Stanford (USA) as well as multiple UK hospitals, and I maintain collaborations with these Institutes. My clinical training is in paediatric and adult neurology.