The Department of Livestock and One Health seeks to understand the health and welfare of animals and their people, in populations and communities, the distribution and spread of diseases, and the determinants of these factors.

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Livestock & One Health

Smith, Professor RobHead of Department, Professor0151 794 6127
Westgarth, Professor CarriDeputy Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Interaction0151 795 6029
Baylis, Professor MatthewProfessor, IVES Executive Dean
Williams, Professor NicolaProfessor, Deputy Executive Dean IVES0151 795 6051
Antic, Dr DraganSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health0151 795 6036
Connolly, Mr NiallLecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare, Veterinary Surgeon in the Leahurst Farm Animal Practice0151 795 8322
Clough, Dr HelenResearch Fellow, Research Statistician0151 794 6170
Courtenay, Miss AnnLecturer
Davies, Dr PeersReader in Livestock, Health and Welfare
Duncan, Dr JenniferSenior Lecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare
Fevre, Professor EricProfessor (Kenya)
Fielder, Mrs EmmaLecturer
Fishbourne, Dr EmmaSenior Lecturer0151 794 6036
Gillespie, Miss AmyLecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare, Veterinary Surgeon in the Leahurst Farm Animal Practice0151 795 8306
Graham-Brown, Dr JohnLecturer0151 795 0226 Ext:0226
Higgins, Dr HelenSenior Lecturer
Kelly-Hope, Dr LouiseReader
Latham, Dr SophiaLecturer in Epidemiology0151 794 9544
Mahen, Miss PhilippaLecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare, Veterinary Surgeon in the Leahurst Farm Animal Practice
Millins, Dr CarolineTenure Track Fellow
Mor, Dr SiobhanReader in One Health
Mueller, Mrs KarinSenior Lecturer Reproduction & Animal Husbandry
Neary, Dr JosephSenior Lecturer
Oikonomou, Professor GeorgeProfessor of Cattle Health and Welfare0151 795 8300
Oultram, Mrs JoSenior Lecturer in Herd Health0151 795 8301
Papoula Pereira, Dr RitaLecturer in Veterinary Public Health0151 795 8308
Pinchbeck, Professor GinaProfessor in Veterinary Epidemiology0151 794 6195
Rushton, Professor JonathanProfessor of Animal Health and Food Systems Economics (N8 Chair)0151 794 6113
Scantlebury, Dr ClaireLecturer
Stringer, Dr AndrewSenior Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health
Thomas, Dr LianLecturer
Tulloch, Dr JohnTenure Track Fellow
Wardeh, Dr MayaTenure Track Fellow
Williams, Miss HelenSenior Lecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare and Veterinary Surgeon in the Leahurst Farm Animal Practice0151 795 6056
LOH Professional Services
Davies, Mrs JanetFarm Animal Practice Technician0151 795 6080
Ellis, Mr HarryFarm Animal Practice Technician0151 794 6122
Hughes, Mrs JeanetteFarm Animal Practice Technician0151 795 9626
Jones, Mr DavidActing Technical Manager
Jopson, Mrs SueResearch Technician
Mutch, Mr JasonFoot Trimming Technician
Sherlock, Mr KennethEntomology Technician0151 794 6014
Young, Miss LyndaFarm Animal Practice Technician0151 795 8311
Livestock and One Health Post Doctoral Researchers
Galotta, Dr LauraPostdoctoral Research Associate (Argentina)
Gilbert, Dr WilliamPostdoctoral Research Associate
Turner, Dr JoannePostdoctoral Research Associate
Wallis, Dr LisaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Livestock and One Health, Residents and Interns
Ogden, Dr KateIntern in Livestock Health and Welfare0151 795 9626
Puentes Garrido, Miss Rosa AnaResident in Livestock Health and Welfare