Liverpool Clinical PhD Programme (LCPP)

At LCGHR, we are proud to have supported clinical PhD fellows through various successful funding applications since 2008. To date, we've assisted over 50 fellows in achieving their doctorates.

Our current PhD programme is funded for 5 years, supporting the recruitment of new fellows annually between 2022/23 – 2026/27 and is focused on ‘Health Priorities in the Global South’. 

Fellowships typically span a maximum of three years, with a minimum of 12 months spent in the Global South, focusing on clinical research that addresses local health needs.

While we have a particularly strong academic partnership with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Programme (MLW), we enthusiastically welcome project proposals from applicants interested in conducting research anywhere in the Global South. All proposals should have a credible academic partner and strong in-country supervisory support, along with a clear linkage to a Liverpool-based supervisor.


Role overview

Our Clinical PhD Fellowships are tailored for clinical researchers, including doctors, midwives, nurses, public health professionals, allied health professionals, and veterinarians, spanning various scientific disciplines. These fellowships are designed for individuals aspiring to become clinical academics, with a specific focus on addressing Health Priorities in the Global South.

Please note that the subject of the PhD must relate to human health and not exclusively to animal health. These fellowships are primarily intended for clinicians in the early stages of their academic careers, and the associated salaries are reflective of this. Veterinary applicants will be encouraged to enrol with a specialist college.

While these positions are full-time research roles, some time may be allocated for clinical activities if required for regulatory or valid reasons. The PhD project is expected to take place in a Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC) setting, with the fellow residing at the study site for a significant portion of the research period. In cases where personal circumstances prevent extended overseas residence, shorter overseas stays can be considered if a compelling case can be made to show how academic and training objectives can be met. We encourage early discussions with our Programme Directors in such situations.

Upon successful completion of the fellowship, candidates will earn a PhD awarded by either the University of Liverpool or the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. They will also acquire the necessary training and skills to pursue academic independence through post-doctoral fellowship applications or equivalent funding opportunities.

Funding arrangements

We’re dedicated to removing financial barriers so you can focus on your research and academic growth. Our programme provides fully-funded fellowships, covering all essential aspects to support your research journey:

  • Salary and tuition: We cover your salary costs and tuition fees, ensuring your financial stability while pursuing your PhD.
  • Research budget: You'll have access to a generous budget of £110k for research consumables and activities, empowering your research activities.
  • Work-related travel: We offer £2.5k for work-related travel to facilitate collaboration and exploration.
  • Training activities: A budget of £5k is allocated for your training activities, ensuring your academic growth.

For fellows spending 12 months or more overseas, we provide an overseas allowances package. This package includes support for you and your dependents, covering:

  • Rent and security costs
  • Language lessons
  • Visas and permits
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel insurance
  • Global health insurance
  • Airfares for relocation and annual leave travel
  • Personal freight or excess baggage
  • School fees and/or nursery fees for over 3s where applicable.

 For fellows spending less than 12 months overseas, we offer a travel and subsistence package that includes:

  • Rent and security costs
  • Language lessons
  • Visas & permits
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel insurance
  • Global health insurance (if spending 6 or more consecutive months overseas)
  • Airfares for relocation.


To be eligible for our programme, applicants must possess a UK clinical license to practice. Please note that due to funding requirements, we are unable to consider applications from candidates without this UK clinical license.

All prospective applicants are required to submit a 500-word concept note outlining a well-structured project proposal.

Successful candidates will need to demonstrate:

  • Strong academic potential: A track record of academic excellence and a commitment to furthering their academic journey.
  • Global health interest: A genuine interest in addressing health issues in the Global South and a desire to dedicate their future career to this cause.
  • Liverpool connection: Identification of a suitable supervisor(s) at either the University of Liverpool or the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM).
  • Overseas partner: Identification of an overseas partner and supervisor who will support the proposed research project.

Candidates must discuss their plans with one of our current supervisors and the PhD Programme Directors before applying. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed, expected to develop scientific proposals, illustrative budgets, and present a coherent project application.


View our list of potential primary supervisors for fellowships commencing autumn 2024.

Further information including entry requirements can be found on the Liverpool Clinical PhD Programme (LCPP) job description.

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