Image of virus


Our laboratory uses high resolution approaches to study biological and chemical threats. We use these coupled with machine learning approaches to inform functional analysis to investigate the biology of the pathogen or threat.

Our work focuses mainly on viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, Ebola virus and human respiratory syncytial virus and threat agents such as ricin and chlorine gas.

We work closely with research groups in the UK and internationally and our lab has traveled to various hotspots to aid in diagnostic efforts.

We were part of the European Mobile Laboratory and the EU funded EVIDENT project that deployed to Guinea for the West African Ebola crisis.

In 2020 we spent a lot of time supporting the COVID-19 response particularly as part of ISARIC-4C, COG-UK and our own research programs.

We specialize in analyzing clinical samples either from humans and/or animal models and using transcriptomics and proteomics to define pathogen biology and the host response. We are particularly interested in virus population genetics and how these are influenced during transmission and predicting the outcome of disease by identifying specific biomarkers.

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