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Dr Marie Held PhD

Image Analyst and Technical Specialist Liverpool Shared Research Facilities


Personal Statement

After graduating from the Technical University of Ilmenau with a degree of Dipl.-Ing. (eq. MSc) in 2007, I completed my PhD studies at the University of Liverpool in BioNanoEngineering in 2011.

During my PhD, I investigated the impact of purposefully designed artificial microconfined environments on the growth dynamics of filamentous fungi both on the hyphal and subcellular level combining microfabrication techniques with cell culturing and live cell imaging under the supervision of Prof. Dan Nicolau and Prof. Clive Edwards.

From 2011 until 2014, I held a position as post doc at the Centre for Hybrid Biodevices (University of Southampton) under the supervision of Prof. Hywel Morgan. The position involved the fabrication of an integrated microfluidic system for the in situ study of primary and cell line epithelial cells.

From 2014 until 2017, I held a post doc position with the University of Liverpool under the supervision of Dr. Raphaël Lévy using and developing novel microscopy techniques as part of the UKRMP Safety and Efficacy Hub. The specific goal was to explore the most suitable methodologies for the long-term tracking of exogenous, labelled cells within tissues in vitro opening avenues for in vivo cell tracking.

From November 2017 until January 2018, I worked as a post doc position under the supervision of Dr. Mike Cross. The aim was to generate pilot data imaging cardiac microtissues with light sheet fluorescence microscopy followed by quantitative analysis of the imaging data.

From February 2018 until June 2019 I held the position of research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Nordine Helassa investigating the role of the major Ca-sensor calmodulin in cardiac arrhythmia to develop a mechanistic understanding of congenital heart dysfunctions which might open ways to future therapies.

Since June 2019, I am in the position of Image Analyst and Technical Specialist in the Centre for Cell Imaging. Primarily, I am the contact point for quantitative analysis of imaging data. My experience with a multitude of biological systems and a variety of light microscopy imaging techniques also enables me to help users of the facility in their experimental design and execution.

Keywords: Image Analysis

Prizes or Honours

  • Poster Prize Award (Sonia Rocha, 2023)
  • Best Poster - joint winner (CBIAS organisational committee, 2022)