Dr Joscelyn Harris MChem, MSc, PhD

Research Associate Liverpool Shared Research Facilities


Personal Statement

Hello, Welcome to my web profile.

I am a friendly and approachable mass spectrometrist based in the centre for proteome research. The best part about my job is the ability to see and help lots of people who want to access proteomics.

In the C4PR I analyse and process facility samples. I specialise in unusual sources such as rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry (REIMS) and Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation (MALDI) as well as intact and native mass spectrometry. I also have experience in the more "traditional" proteomic approach of LC-MS/MS, for the use in Shotgun proteomics, Quantitative analysis and phospho-enrichment.

Pre-Liverpool Experience.

I was first introduced to mass spectrometry in my undergraduate degree where I developed protocols for imaging glucosinolates by MALDI and SEM. I continued with mass spectrometry for my PhD where I implemented, developed and evaluated new technologies, including Liquid extraction surface analysis (LESA) travelling wave ion mobility spectrometry (TWIMS) and ultra-high-field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry (Ultra-FAIMS) for the analysis of the Human Liver. These techniques were applied and developed into imaging protocols for TWIMS-MALDI and LESA. Both lipids and proteins were identified and imaged.

Education and Employment
• 2015-Present: Research Associate University of Liverpool
• 2011-2015: PhD in Liquid micro-junction surface sampling and MALDI imaging of small and large molecules in human liver disease at the University of Birmingham
• 2010-2011: MSc in Physical Science of Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences at the University of Birmingham
• 2006-2010: MChem, Chemistry with a Year in Industry at the University of Reading