Standing Committee for Personal Chairs

Committee description

Secretary: Deborah Grainger, Email:

Terms of Reference

  • Under the authority delegated to it by the Senate and the Council, to determine the conferment of the status and title of Professor on members of staff of the University in recognition of exceptional distinction and eminence in their field of study, which status and title shall be enjoyed for so long as the member of staff concerned continues in the service of the University.
  • To submit reports on the conferment of Personal Chairs to the Senate and the Council.

Reporting Relationships

The Standing Committee for Personal Chairs reports to the Senate and to the Council.

Frequency of Meetings

The Standing Committee for Personal Chairs usually meets on one occasion during the academic year.


The quorum for meetings of the Standing Committee for Personal Chairs shall be three of its members. At least two Pro-Vice-Chancellors must be present for the meeting to proceed.

Members or key people

The Vice-Chancellor Professor T Jones
The President of the Council
(or another lay member of the Council if the President is unable to attend)
C Booth
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education Professor G Brown
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Impact Professor A Hollander
The Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellors Professor F Beveridge
  Professor L Kenny
  Professor W van der Hoek
Three other professorial members of staff, drawn from each Faculty.
(For each Faculty there is also an alternate to ensure appropriate representation.)

Health and Life Sciences

Professor F Watkins / Professor C Eyers
Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor P Buse / Professor A Fell

Science and Engineering

Professor K Atkinson / Professor E Patterson

The Dean of the School or Institute in which the Personal Chair is to be held will also be invited to be present for discussion of the case. The Dean of School or Institute will not be present during the decision making process. The views of such other people as is appropriate will also be sought.

Meeting dates

  • 25 January 2023
  • 26 January 2023
  • 1 February 2023
  • 2 February 2023