Remuneration Committee

Committee description

Minute Secretary: Mrs Debbie Grainger, Email:

Terms of Reference

  • To be responsible, on behalf of the Council, for setting the policy for and agreeing remuneration and reward for members of the senior management team.
  • To consider and determine the emoluments of the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-President of Council (or another lay member of the Committee) takes over the chair from the President when considerations are taking place regarding the Vice-Chancellor, who is not present for discussions of her salary.
  • To receive reports concerning non-clinical professorial and equivalent professional services senior management staff (Grade 10) remuneration and reward.
  • To approve proposals for voluntary severance or the early retirement of senior staff. (The determination of such matters with regard to the Vice-Chancellor shall be restricted to the lay members of the Committee.)
  • To approve policy on the outside earnings of senior staff (professorial and Grade 10).
  • To receive reports on actions taken by the Vice-Chancellor to approve retention awards for senior staff.
  • To review and note remuneration trends across the University, including reports on the relationship between graded structure and senior staff, equality and risk assessment issues.
  • To have oversight of the University’s remuneration, reward and promotion (RRP) processes and, subject to any conditions set by Council, establish the conditions for the RRP Review in any one year and to receive a report on the outcome of the RRP Review, including appeals.
  • To make recommendations to Planning and Resources Committee on the affordability and acceptability of national pay agreements.
  • To report to the Senate on academic promotions and to the Council on all matters.
  • To ensure compliance with the CUC Higher Education Senior Staff Remuneration Code.

Frequency of Meetings

The Remuneration Committee usually meets on two occasions during the academic year.

Reporting Relationship

The Remuneration Committee reports directly to the Council.


The quorum for meetings of the Remuneration Committee shall be three of its members.

Members or key people

The President of Council (Chair) Mrs C Booth
The Vice-President of Council Dr P Johnson
Two lay members of Council Mrs H Miller (2019-21)
  Dr R Platt (2020-23)
An independent (non-Council) member Ms C Snell (2020-23)
In Attendance  
The Vice-Chancellor Professor Dame Janet Beer
The Director of People and Services Dr C Costello 
The Director of Human Resources Mr K Watkinson (Secretary)

Meeting dates

  • 3 November 2020, 3.00 pm
  • 25 May 2021, 9.30 am

A full schedule of Committee meeting dates can be viewed here.

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