Investments Sub-Committee

Committee description

Secretary: Kathryn Cross, Email:

Terms of Reference

On behalf of the Council, to undertake the following duties:

a) To advise the University on all issues relating to the investment of its monies, including any unapplied income, in such stocks, funds, shares or securities as the Council shall from time to time think fit, whether authorised by the general law for the investment of trust monies or not and whether within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or not, or in the purchase of freehold or leasehold land in the United Kingdom, including rents.

b) To advise the Council, through the Finance and Resources Committee, on the appropriateness of the investment strategy for the management of monies belonging to the University.

c) To oversee the performance of the University’s overall investment portfolio, and monitor that investment return targets are met in line with the University’s Investment Strategy.

d) In pursuance of the responsibilities set out in a) above, to advise the University in relation to buying, selling, exchanging, leasing and accepting leases of real and personal property on behalf of the University.

e) To advise the Council, through the Finance and Resources Committee, on the appointment of fund managers.

f) Where portfolios are managed by external fund managers, to oversee the management of the portfolios, to set policy parameters, to monitor investment performance and to review periodically investment managements.

g) To monitor adherence to the Ethical Investment Policy by Fund Managers in terms of the principles and exemptions agreed by the University as part of its commitment to invest funds on a socially responsible basis.

h) To advise the Council, through the Finance and Resources Committee, on the appropriateness of the Ethical Investment Policy.

Reporting Relationship

The Investments Sub-Committee reports to the Finance and Resources Committee.

Frequency of Meetings

The Investments Sub-Committee usually meets on four occasions during the academic year. Additional meetings can be arranged if required.


The quorum for meetings of the Investments Sub-Committee shall be three members.

Members or key people

Chief Financial Officer Nicola Davies
Guild of Students Representative Kathryn Manley (2023-24)

Up to six members appointed by the Council, who may or 
may not be members of the Council and who shall include
individuals with financial and investment management

Ed Fishwick (Chair) (2023-26)
  Professor B Gibson (Deputy Chair) (2023-26)
  Stephen Burrows (2021-24)
  Julian Rathbone (2021-24)
  Peter Tod (2023-26)

In Attendance at all meetings:

  • Karen Burns, University Endowment Accountant
  • Denise Jones, University Endowment & Compliance Officer

The Investments Sub Committee will also invite Fund Managers along on a periodic basis, to present to the Committee.  

Membership Guidance Notes:

  • Other members may be co-opted or invited to attend for specific meetings at the discretion of the Committee.
  • The Committee may establish time-limited groups as necessary to deal with pertinent issues.

Meeting dates

  • 14 September 2023, 2.00 pm
  • 16 November 2023, 2.00 pm
  • 13 February 2024, 11.00 am
  • 14 May 2024, 2:15 pm

A full schedule of Committee meeting dates can be viewed here.‌