CGR labs

About us

A Service Provider

The Centre for Genomic Research (CGR) is a dedicated centre that facilitates cost-effective access to multiplatform sequencing and array technologies for researchers worldwide. We offer a wide range of applications, with associated informatics and analytical processing of data and functional interpretation. 

Data generated by the CGR have been applied to:

  • human and veterinary medicine
  • biotechnology
  • environmental and evolutionary biology
  • agri-tech
  • archaeology, anthropology and zoology. 

The Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art next generation and 3rd generation sequencing platforms. Coupled with complementary robotics, sequence capture and array capabilities, we offer optimum, tailor-made solutions across a wide range of biological applications. 

A Centre of Excellence

The CGR conducts and enables world-class research. We boast a diverse portfolio of academic research that spans:

  • human and animal health and disease
  • crops and food security
  • parasites and microbial populations. 

Our commitment to research excellence is reflected in our collaboration in extensive peer reviewed studies and the attraction of more than £24 million in research income since 2008.

Pioneering research projects are continually advancing our capabilities, consequently improving our service provision.

An Educational Resource

We host frequent workshops designed to educate researchers about the latest molecular and computational tools and methods.

Our workshop themes include:

  • gene expression profiling
  • sequence capture and variant calling
  • analysis of metagenomic data.

Participants acquire specific skills through handling real NGS data. They also benefit from broader discussions on experimental design and sample preparation.

See our news pages for details of upcoming workshops or sign up to our mailing list.