Dr Thomas Moore

Senior Lecturer Geography and Planning


Selected Publications

  1. Pedagogy, Podcasts, and Politics: What Role Does Podcasting Have in Planning Education? (Journal article - 2022)
  2. Planning for place: Place attachment and the founding of rural community land trusts (Journal article - 2021)
  3. The use of public land for house building in England: Understanding the challenges and policy implications (Journal article - 2021)
  4. Reviewing consumer redress in Scotland's social and private rented sectors (Report - 2021)
  5. Homes in Community Hands: Baseline Evaluation Report (Report - 2020)
  6. Replication through partnership: the evolution of partnerships between community land trusts and housing associations in England (Journal article - 2018)
  7. Self-organised and civil society participation in housing provision (Edited special journal issue - 2018)
  8. 'Generation Rent' and The Fallacy of Choice (Journal article - 2017)
  9. Regulation of the private rented sector in England using lessons from Ireland (Report - 2017)
  10. Empowering Local Communities? An International Review of Community Land Trusts (Journal article - 2012)