Photo of Professor Ric Williams

Professor Ric Williams BSc, MSc, PhD

Professor Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


I teach 'Climate, Atmospheres and Oceans', addressing how the climate system operates in the present day, drawing upon basic physics and chemical principles, including the role of the atmosphere and ocean.

I teach 'Modelling processes in Oceans and Climate', addressing how carbon is transferred between the atmosphere and ocean, and including the effects of ocean chemistry, and the response to carbon emissions.

In my teaching, I advocate understanding how the climate system operates from first principles, based upon physics, chemistry and mathematics. By focussing on a fundamental approach, skills and insight gained can be transferred to other problems.

Modules for 2023-24

Climate, Atmosphere and Oceans

Module code: ENVS111

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Independent Research Project

Module code: ENVS306

Role: Teaching

Integrated Masters Research Project

Module code: ENVS402

Role: Teaching

Modelling Processes in Oceans and Climate

Module code: ENVS414

Role: Teaching

Ocean Dynamics

Module code: ENVS332

Role: Teaching