Professor Peter North

Professor of Alternative Economies Geography and Planning


    My teaching fits within a political economy perspective. In the first year I focus on ways that cities develop under contemporary capitalism, with a focus on Liverpool. In the second year, political economies of globalisation lookS at arguments for and against neoliberal globalisation, and ways that it has been challenged. In the the third year I contribute to courses on climate change and resource depletion, teaching in a team with physical geography collegues.

    Modules for 2023-24

    Building Better Worlds

    Module code: ENVS387

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Living with Environmental Change

    Module code: ENVS119

    Role: Teaching

    Research Skills (Geography and Environmental Science)

    Module code: ENVS203

    Role: Teaching

    Study Skills and GIS

    Module code: ENVS100

    Role: Teaching