Photo of Dr Hannah Whitby

Dr Hannah Whitby BSc, PhD

Lecturer of Ocean Sciences Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


    Determining the controls on the speciation and bioavailability of copper

    Understanding the relationship between the iron cycle and dissolved organic matter

    Studying the impact of trace metal distributions on community biodiversity and productivity

    Research Group Membership

    Research Grants

    Investigation of Marine sources of Iron-binding Ligands (IMIL)


    January 2021 - December 2022

    Research Collaborations

    H Planquette

    Project: SWINGS
    External: Université de Bretagne Occidentale

    SWINGS is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to elucidate trace element sources, transformations and sinks along a section crossing key areas of the Southern Ocean. A major French contribution to the international GEOTRACES program, SWINGS involves 80 scientists (19 international laboratories, 6 countries).

    F Liu

    Project: Controls on iron bioavailability to marine phytoplankton

    Understanding the phycosphere. NERC IRF.

    M Perron

    Project: ASPIR
    External: Université de Bretagne Occidentale

    Atmospheric SPeciation of IRon (ASPIR) : Linking aeolian Fe solubility to marine productivity in the Southern Ocean. IsBlue Fellowship.

    A Koschinsky; M Gledhill; T Dittmar

    Project: Amazon M147
    External: Jacobs University Bremen

    Interactions of trace metals, dissolved organic matter, and particles in the Amazon
    estuary and associated plume as key processes for trace metal and
    DOM fluxes into the Atlantic. A Contribution to the International GEOTRACES Program.