Photo of Professor Chris Hughes

Professor Chris Hughes

Professor of Sea Level Science Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


    Personal Statement

    I am Professor of Sea Level Science at the University of Liverpool, and am an Adjunct Fellow at the National Oceanography Centre where I work closely with the Sea Level Group, and more generally the Marine Physics and Ocean Climate and the Marine Systems Modelling groups.

    My papers: Publications and statistics from Web of Science

    Since completing a D.Phil. at the University of Oxford in 1992: "The effect of topography on ocean flow", supervised by Peter Killworth, I worked for 21 years at the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory in Bidston and Liverpool, and its successor the National Oceanography Centre in Liverpool, before moving to the University in October 2013.

    I'm not the only Chris Hughes in the world! Just to be clear:
    I've never been on Love Island.
    I didn't co-found Facebook.
    I didn't play drums with Adam And The Ants, or produce records for Tears For Fears.
    I didn't win Mastermind or Brain of Britain.