Photo of Prof Kate Parr

Prof Kate Parr PhD

Professor Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


    Research Interest 1

    I am a community ecologist with a particular interest in understanding how tropical grassy systems are structured, how they function and the best way to conserve them. Much of my work, and that of my research group, focuses on invertebrates - particularly social insects.

    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Decision support for restoring ecological networks in rapidly developing, biodiverse countries
    • Community assembly in old-growth tropical forest
    • Investigating dominant herbivores in the Serengeti: the role of fire and the wildebeest migration
    • Evaluating the safety and nutritional quality of a novel insect based food product in Benin
    • Unearthing The Role of Animals in African Soil Ecology
    • A global-scale analysis of functional traits in the face of global change
    • Exploring the Reassembly of Savanna Ant Communities Following Experiment Suppression
    • Biodiversity and Land-Use Impacts on Tropical Ecosystem Function (Bali)