Photo of Professor Ben Edwards

Professor Ben Edwards BSc PhD FGS FHEA

Professor of Engineering Seismology Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


Personal Statement

Ben is an engineering seismologist with experience in research and development in both academic and industrial contexts. His research focuses on improving scientific understanding of earthquake ground motions, seismic hazard and risk, and seismic site characterization.

Ben works with earthquake and geophysical data at a variety of scales, from investigating small, induced events related to geothermal energy, gas extraction, hydraulic fracturing or CCS—often in extremely close proximity to urban environments—to larger tectonic (natural) events, all of which have the potential to cause significant impacts, even in relatively aseismic regions such as northern Europe.

Ben is the Head of Discipline for Earth Sciences at the University of Liverpool, and teaches on courses related to geophysical computing, applied geophysics and signal processing. He previously spent several years working at the Swiss Seismological Service and ETH Zurich, where he was involved in day-to-day seismic observatory practice, alongside research activities. Ben currently works and consults on various national and international projects related to induced seismicity and seismic hazard, both in academia and industry. Recently, he led a review, commissioned by the UK regulator, into seismic hazard and risk due to induced seismicity at the Preston New Road shale gas site in England.