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About the School

In the School of Environmental Sciences, we study our Planet from the atmosphere, the surface to the deep Earth, and exploring the different ways in which societies, communities and ecosystems respond to differing aspects of environmental, economic and social change.

We investigate its core and mantle, through to the dynamic lithosphere and crust and the tectonic processes that are expressed at the Earth’s surface in the form of volcanoes and earthquakes. We study the past and present oceans to understand how they influence the climate system and the cycling of elements. We are interested in the shaping of the land past and present, from the building of mountains to their erosion by water, wind and ice.

We investigate the Earth’s ecosystems, how they are impacted by our species and how human populations can be planned for and managed in the huge variety of environments in which we live. We study the different ways people interact, adapt or respond to environmental, economic, social and cultural change. We are concerned with natural and human-induced risks to our population and to the planet ecosystem, and the means to mitigate them.

Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences

Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences

Department of Geography and Planning

Geography and Planning

These departments encompass an enormous range of activities across the disciplines of Earth Sciences, Ocean Science, Ecology & Marine Biology, Geography, Planning and Environmental Science. We deliver high quality degree programmes and world-class research across these disciplines, but also are involved in collaborating with industry, Government and the public to maximise the impact of our work.