Dr Victorina Gonzalez-Diaz



    Research Interest 1

    Adjectives, the Noun Phrase, the development of English language teaching in British schools (1970-1990)

    Research Grants

    Assessing the intrinsic value, and health and well-being benefits, for individual and community, of The Reader Organisation's Volunteer Reader Scheme.


    September 2013 - September 2014

    Research Collaborations

    Prof. Sylvia Adamson

    External: The University of Sheffield

    Project on the language of Jane Austen, whose outcome will be a comissioned volume with the same title for Cambridge University Press

    Dr. Svenja Kranich

    External: University of Hamburg (Germany)

    Research project on subjectivity and subjectivisation in Spanish, English and German

    Dr. Guillaume Thierry

    External: Bangor University

    Together with (Prof. Philip Davis), we investigate the effect on the brain of processes of Functional Shift (used by Shakespeare)

    Dr. Javier Perez Guerra

    External: Universidade de Vigo

    Researcher on the literary style of the Late Modern English period

    Dr. Nuria Yanez-Bouza

    External: The University of Manchester

    Creation of a corpus of children's writing based on the APU materials (held at the University of Liverpool); study of the impact of 18th c. lingustic purism on English grammaar teaching practices in the present day (1979-1988).