Photo of Prof David Seed

Prof David Seed

Professor English


    Personal Statement

    After completing degrees at Cambridge, Leiscester, and Hull universities, I joined the English Department at Liverpool in 1977 and have been teaching here ever since.
    My main areas of research are:
    Science Fiction.
    Cold War culture and spy fiction.
    The interface between fiction and film.
    I welcome research enquiries in all these fields.

    Personal Distinctions

    • 'Seven Days to Noon' and the Nuclear Threat (Invitation to Speak, Liverpool University 2010)
    • Plenary address (Invitation to Speak, University of Pamukkale 2010)
    • keynote address (Invitation to Speak, Cardiff uUniversity 2009)
    • Conference Paper (Invitation to Speak, University of East Anglia 2008)

    Administrative Roles

    • Chair of English Boaard of Studies.
    • Deputy Head of English
    • Department representative on RKE Committee

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