Photo of Prof Steve Hall

Prof Steve Hall BSc (1st), PhD, SMIEEE, FIET, CEng

Professor of Microelectronics Electrical Engineering and Electronics


Personal Distinctions

  • 'Solar energy harvesting using THz electronics (Invited) (Invitation to Speak, Kyiv 2013)
  • Solar energy scavenging with rectennas (Invitation to Speak, Director of SINANO Institute 2011)
  • Analogue Silicon Synapses and Neurons (Invited, UK Informatics W'shop, 2011) (Invitation to Speak, Chair 2011)
  • Biologically Plausible Synapses in Si(Invited, SINANO W'shop 2011) (Invitation to Speak, Director of SINANO Institute 2011)
  • Rare earth silicate formation – a route to the 22nm node (Invited, IEEE D&Y W'shop, Warsaw, 2009) (Invitation to Speak, Chairperson 2009)
  • IEEE Golden Reviewer (IEEE Electron Device Letters 2009)
  • Vertical MOSFETs for high performance, low cost CMOS (Invited, CAS, 2007) (Invitation to Speak, Organising Committee 2007)
  • Review and Perspectives of High-k dielectrics (Invited) (Invitation to Speak, Organising Committee 2006)
  • High-k dielectric stacks for nanoscaled SOI devices (Invited at NATO Workshop, Crimea, 2006) (Invitation to Speak, Organising Committee 2006)
  • SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors on insulating substrates (Invited, NATO Workshop, Kiev, 2004 (Invitation to Speak, Organising Committee 2004)

Administrative Roles

  • Director of Research EEE (2011- )
  • Head of EEE Department (2001-2009),
  • Chair of Research Committee EEE-CS (2011-2015)
  • Representative for Faculty Research
  • Committees

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