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Oriented Two-Dimensional Porous Organic Cage Crystals

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Inside information on xenon adsorption in porous organic cages by NMR

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Chirality as a Tool for Function in Porous Organic Cages

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Layered microporous polymers by solvent knitting method

Shaolei Wang, Chengxin Zhang, Yu Shu, Shulan Jiang, Qi Xia, Linjiang Chen, Shangbin Jin, Irshad Hussain, Andrew I. Cooper and Bien Tan

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Functional materials discovery using energy–structure–function maps

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Swellable functional hypercrosslinked polymer networks for the uptake of chemical warfare agents

Craig Wilson, Marcus J. Main, Nicholas J. Cooper, Michael E. Briggs, Andrew I. Cooper and Dave J. Adams

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Styrene Purification by Guest-Induced Restructuring of Pillar[6]arene

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Understanding Gas Capacity, Guest Selectivity and Diffusion in Porous Liquids

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Reticular Synthesis of Porous Molecules 1D Nanotubes and 3D Networks

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