Photo of Dr Terry Payne

Dr Terry Payne PhD

Senior Lecturer Computer Science


    Research Interest 1

    My current research focus is on the use of knowledge by agents. Specifically, I have been looking at the use of ontological knowledge to support service discovery, provision and use. Much of my earlier work in this area included the development of the OWL-S ontologies with the other members of the OWL-S coalition, as well as the use of the OWL-S profile for service discovery. However, my work has also explored the use of service provision and agent self-organization. I’ve also explored the use of service discovery and data harmonisation for Semantic Web Services within Grid environments.

    My other research interests include the use of agents in pervasive systems, from discovery of devices, through to the use of awareness for service provision (as illustrated in the BluScreen system for public signage). I’ve also worked with others on ontology and knowledge engineering issues, from supporting bibliometrics, pervasive social networking, and ontological image description.

    Research Collaborations

    IAM Group

    External: University of Southampton

    The construction of spacial ontologies to support spatially aware annotations for location images. In support of a joint supervision of a student - Zurina Muda

    Valentina Tamma


    Exploring the use of decentralised negotiation techniques (including Argumentation) to facilitate agreement over ontological concepts to support communication

    SENSE Group

    External: University of Southampton

    Research into Self-Organising systems to support supply and demand of services within an agent-based, dynamic, open system. Included the supervision of a student, Mariusz Jacyno, who submitted his PhD thesis in November 2009