Photo of Dr Rosa Urbano Gutierrez

Dr Rosa Urbano Gutierrez BArch, MArch, MDesS, PhD

Reader in Architecture Architecture


    Selected Publications

    1. Material Landscapes (Journal article - 2020)
    2. Elements of Sustainable Architecture (Book - 2019)
    3. Sustainable Retrofits: Post War Residential Towers in Britain (Book - 2018)
    4. The Impact of Biophilic Design in Maggie’s Centres: A Meta-Synthesis Analysis (Journal article - 2022)
    5. A Systematic Review and Conceptual Framework of Biophilic Design Parameters in Clinical Environments (Journal article - 2023)
    6. Circular ceramics: Mapping UK mineral waste (Journal article - 2023)
    7. Human-centred health-care environments: a new framework for biophilic design. (Journal article - 2023)