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Prof David Oldham MSc, DPhil.

Professor Architecture


Personal Statement

Professor of Building Engineering at the University of Liverpool since September 1990. Previously at the Department of Building Science of University of Sheffield for nineteen years, including five as Head of Department and one as Head of the semi-autonomous Building Science Unit following the merger of the Departments of Building Science and Architecture. Other administrative posts held at Sheffield were Deputy Dean and Sub Dean of the Faculty of Architectural Studies.

Various study leave appointments have been held including:
• Visiting Research Worker, Noise Control Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University, USA.
• Visiting Scholar, Department of Architectural Science, University of Sydney, Australia.
• Visiting Fellow, School of Science, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
• Senior Fellow, Department of Building Science, National University of Singapore.

Early research in the area of environmental acoustics was related to the use of building form as a noise control technique. More recently research has been carried out on noise propagation in urban areas from both road traffic and industrial sources. Current projects include research into the use of stochastic techniques for the prediction of noise from construction sites, and the propagation of noise in urban areas, the development of expert systems for environmental design and the development of novel highway noise barrier systems constructed from sustainable materials.

Work in building acoustics has included the investigation of noise problems associated with both mechanical and natural ventilation systems in buildings.

The research thrust is increasingly being directed towards computer modelling and the development of computer based decision support systems.